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For more than 100 years, The Garvis Group has stood as a pillar of effectiveness consulting, guiding individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Rooted in the principles of leadership and communication honed through Dale Carnegie Professional Instruction, our team boasts a deep understanding of the challenges faced in today’s dynamic business landscape.

We are trusted partners in the pursuit of excellence. We collaborate with executives and their teams to navigate the complexities of organizational development, succession planning, and effective leadership. Our proven methodologies empower leaders to inspire, build strong teams, and drive exceptional results.

Founder: Erin Alcalay

Founded by Erin Alcalay, The Garvis Group reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her illustrious sales record consistently ranks her as a multi-award winner, exemplifying the dedication and results-driven mindset that defines The Garvis Group’s approach.

Erin Alcalay: Visionary Executive Coach and Award-Winning Dale Carnegie Representative

Erin Alcalay is a seasoned professional with an impressive 28-year tenure representing Dale Carnegie Training. Based in South Florida, Erin is an accomplished executive coach and trainer, collaborating with regional executives to actualize their visions through personalized coaching and tailored training programs.

An outstanding networker and recognized trainer, Erin’s expertise extends beyond regional boundaries. Her exceptional skills led to her selection from the Dale Carnegie Network to facilitate workshops at Global Dale Carnegie Conventions. Erin’s remarkable sales record consistently positions her as a multi-award-winning “Top Producer.”

Erin is characterized by her proactive approach and relentless pursuit of goals. Her commitment to driving change and achieving results is evident in her fearless challenge of inactivity. Confident in presenting innovative and original ideas, Erin has a transformative impact on organizations when her insights are implemented.

Resourcefulness and tenacity define Erin’s problem-solving approach. She confronts obstacles head-on, demonstrating resilience and determination when faced with challenges. Known for her sense of urgency, Erin operates in constant motion, applying pressure on herself and others to deliver immediate results.

Enthusiastic and goal-oriented, Erin employs a ‘no-holds-barred’ approach to drive processes forward. She keeps teams motivated, ensuring a swift progression towards goals, while staying focused on removing barriers that hinder success. Erin’s innovative strategies set her apart, making her a force to be reckoned with in achieving organizational objectives.

A native of South Florida, Erin graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Sociology and Communications. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is deeply committed to community service, volunteering for organizations such as the United Way of Palm Beach County, the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, and SOS Village.

Erin’s impact extends beyond her role with Dale Carnegie Training. She has been a trusted consultant for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, consistently enhancing their bottom line for eight years through live sales coaching. Her ability to deliver results and develop leaders has earned her long-term client relationships, showcasing her effectiveness in increasing market share and driving organizational development.

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